Monday, August 3, 2015

French Kiss Life with Stationary...

French Kiss Life

This weeks practice is about hand written letters.
Well if you have been following me for any length of time. You know I'm all about writing letters.
I produce all kinds of paper merchandise with my artwork at my on line store, 
It was my goal to have a stationary store.
The art of writing a handwritten letter has gone by the way of e mails and texts.
Yes, I do them too. But every now and then a real letter is called for.
When should a real letter be sent? 
All invitations of celebration and parties,
weddings, new babies, graduations, new addresses, thank you's .
Those are just a few .....
Correspondence is what it's called.
I'm reading a lovely book by Debbie Macomber
"Love Letters" 
Love Letters are usually handwritten and found hidden away deep in the lingerie drawer.
If your lucky there might still be a scent of perfume and a smug of lipstick from the sealed kiss. 
What a grand gift it would be to find a hand written letter that has been preserved for us over the years.
Most people when looking at the blank page of the note card. Wonder how will I fill this up, where should I begin? ....Well, start at the reason why you are writing. keep going until you are finished, then stop.
This is a nice beginning.....
"Time and Time again I've wanted to write to you, but every time I sat down to start I was interrupted by......But, now I have blocked out time just to talk to you....." 

The Ending of a letter is just as important as the Beginning...
Is this a formal letter, and family and friend letter or are you telling someone how you feel by the last word next to your name.....
Sincerely, Affectionately, With love, With Much Love....Your Lover!!! 

Maybe it's time to think about Personalized Stationary.
What will I be adding to my desk.
Personalized stationary,
Calling Card,
Business Card,
even Personalized Thank You Cards.
Be Inspired,