Sunday, July 24, 2016

A drawing from the Soul

Jean Hart Artwork 

Be Kind, Be caring, Be Compassionate 
To Yourself 

One line drawing

We all have a song in us. Maybe even a poem.
But what I feel inside myself is that I will always have a drawing inside myself.
If you were to take a pencil and listen to inspirational music and just start moving the pencil along.
What do you think you would draw?
I think it is something from your soul.
I believe when you do this little exercise you will be surprised to see that you have created something from deep down in your heart. 
The point of this exercise is to not let the pencil come off the page.
You can listen to music and close your eyes and just let your hand be guided or you can purposely make a drawing. The one rule is not to leave the pencil/paper connection.
After you are done with your masterpiece, fill it in if you wish, 
Be Inspired,