Sunday, July 24, 2016

All about New York City

The Big Apple

New York City
smarts game

Question:All of these edibles first appeared in New York .
A. Chewing gum
B. Pizza slices
C. Bagels
D. Egg creams

C. Bagels
The bagel, now so thoroughly associated with New York that most people think you can't get a good one outside the city, originated in Germany in the 14th century and made its American debut in Philadelphia. Chewing gum was invented in New York in 1870. Pizza sold by the slice is also a New York innovation. And egg creams, fugeddabout it!! These delicious concoctions of chocolate syrup, mild and seltzer began in Brooklyn around the turn of the century. 

I was fooled!! I thought for sure the Bagel came from New York.
This was an interesting history of the foods I do enjoy even living in Nevada.
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