Sunday, July 3, 2016

What my Soul wants me to Know

Jean Hart Artwork
What my Soul Wants me to Know
Soul coaching 
by Denise Linn 

Today's card is 
"I embrace and love all of my life."

Once again the perfect card has come to me.
Card meaning: embrace all of your life, both the dark and the light. 
"The path to wholeness is through accepting and embracing all parts of yourself. 
Every experience you've had, even the ones that you thought were bad, was important for your spiritual journey. "

Of course, we are everything we have choosen up to this time.
My embracing has come at the beginning of the year when I wrote on my 2016 journal.
Title page: This will be the best year of my life.
How does that come to past? 
Planning, plotting, engaging, and embracing life. 
I have more peace this year by moving physically.
Not so much physical exercise but planning each day to accomplishing tasks. (Tasks, things that were important to me to make my life better.)
Because the last couple of years have been more about physical therapy, having only a few steps for each day meant I had to plan how I would spend them. 
I didn't want that to be the only movement I did this year.
 I have embraced chores. 
For me right now there is nothing better then first, a clean home, 
second, a organized home, and thirdly, having more time because I have taken care of my home.
I can now truly say this affirmation with complete honesty.
"I embrace and love all of my life." 
What part of your life are you embracing? 
If you were not raised by Martha Stewart I found this website helpful. 
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