Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 17, Personal Purpose

Day 17
28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Personal Purpose
Jean Hart Artwork  
"Today I'm choosing to live on purpose. I align my decisions and activities with my own personal, professional, and spiritual priorities. I honor my path and my own propose."
Another perfect reading for today. Being on purpose is what I have been doing with my healthy eating for a month.  I told you that I have to lose 100lbs. and when I went to weigh in for my surgery two weeks ago I was so disappointed that I had only lost 3 lbs. But when I had to come back to get my stitches out the scale moved down 9 lbs from when I began. Good new, the lab report came back and no problems. Still have to wait a week before I can go swimming or do yoga.
"Having a specific purpose in your life helps you stay focused and puts you on a more direct path toward your goals. This isn't just about your professional aims. You also have a personal purpose, including things such as your family and hobbies."
My purpose of course has changed many times. Like many people I went to school to study one thing and have ended up doing another. Well, I am on another track. My artwork has been something that has helped to heal me from another injury.  I am always so surprised when I get emails from people who have connected with my artwork and tell me about their own stories. I love it. I love that I have connected with so many people through my artwork, my quotes, or this blog. My artwork has become a strong purpose in my life and I plan to show and help more people with it. I will soon be giving art classes, private classes, donations, and exhibits.
I have grown to understand that my purpose in life is to
,help keep the art alive.
Activities for Living on Purpose
2. As you go through your day, consider how you can tie your different purposes together. Perhaps there are ways that you can bring a more spiritual energy to your professional or personal life. At the very least, you can make it part of your purpose to more loving and compassionate to yourself and others. In doing so, you"ll stimulate the highest energies of Universal love to assist you in every area of your life.
I have brought meditation back into my life, along with the quite time I get in the morning I have added binaral beats to my healing.
Being thankful, gracious, and grateful each day, and loving everyone in my life,  I feel this has helped me to understand my purpose in life. It's love.
Affirmations for a Powerful Purpose
"A happy and hopeful life is my purpose, now and always."
What's on my list for today?
1. Super Bowl
2. Staying solid with my food and exercise chooses
3. Keeping my creativity up and making plans for the new direction my artwork is going.
Be Inspired,
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