Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 18, 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 18
29 days to a more magnetic life
choice and consequence
Valenties Cross, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork
"Today I'm becoming acutely aware of the many choices I face. I consider the consequences of every option and pick the one that's best for my energy and my life."
OK , my life has exploded in the last two weeks. Magnetic!!!! Doors are flying open, opportunities are everywhere. Just last week in three days my daughter and I almost opened a art studio, painting party, private lessens...comedy business!!!!!!
Knowing when to say no has not been something I do. It just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger with each conversation. Luckily, I live with someone with a strong backbone and a son who's got his feet firmly planted in the ground.
Choices and consequences of that could have been grand, or the worst financial disaster ever.
"Whether you realize it or not, you make thousands of choices each day. In fact, if you look closely at your life, you'll realize that you face an energetic choice in every moment. This is true for every type of decision. .....These are really your defining moments. "
The consequences of the choice we were about to make about opening up a art studio was that it was me and my time all day and night, hers 7 days a week.  We are excitable!!! Considering both the real and the energetic time we could spend only came up hours before signing all the paper work. 
Do not overlook the energy of enthusiasm!!!!
It was fun talking, planning and coming up with ideas. But, in truth my energy level is not that strong. I'm still in P/T, adding exercise to my daily life, dieting to get my weight down.
Keep my own art business alive and fresh.
Activities for making wise choices
2. Remember your energetic consequences. Choose ongoing thoughts, actions, and beliefs that promote the kind of energy you want to project. Always bring your consciousness to your cognitive decisions and your life resonance."
There it is" Always bring your consciousness to your cognitive decisions and your life resonance."
Earlier in the year I ask to be given more art work, I said Universe if you bring it to me I will say yes. Boy did she bring me work. I have commissions, restorations, new opportunities, etc. I'm doing things I'm not to sure of how, but I'm researching, and learning and asking experts to help me. It's been amazing. It's okay that this art studio didn't work out, because I have an art studio I work from each day. So much love came to me from this event, so much faith that we could do it. I know more opportunities will come. This was a lesson for us to go just a little slower and not be run by emotions.
Affirmations for making powerful choices
I make healthy choices when it comes to eating, drinking, movement, and sleep. I honor my body and my mind. I decide with awareness, not unconsidered reaction.
I am so thrilled with this little book. It seems that it is spot on with what is going on with me. Sometimes it's almost a day late. Maybe if I were doing it day to day...but my days are filled with doing and practising what I'm reading. Only 9 days left and I can't even imagine what will come my way!!!
What's on my list today:
1. Finish a restoration commission
2. I have a new Love Letter recipient to write to
3. Prepare for art workshop tonight
Be Inspired,