Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Day 19
28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
A Fool For Love, pastel, 36', 34", $500.00 Jean Hart

The Art of Surrender

"Today I'm choosing to surrender any urgency or desperation I may be feeling about my goals. I live in trust and happiness in the present. I release attachment and let go of need."
Well, in fact yes, surrender, I got sick and just could not get up this morning. I have not gotten to go to yoga for almost 3 weeks!!! First, it was my stitches, then the hut had a water flood and closed for the day, and now today just too sick to get up.
I do have an urgency to me right now. I've been working hard on my diet, and made the mistake of getting on that scale!!! To my credit I have lost 9lbs.
When I read this Intention, this is the song that came to me, I have uploaded the lyric so you can read the song. Surrender is not easy for me, not on any level.
"The law of paradoxical intent says that the more desperate you are to achieve a certain goal, the more your energy will push it away, creating the paradox, or opposite of your intention. When urgency and need become your major motivations, you filter your life through the belief that you can't be happy without your goal. this creates a consciousness of misery and emptiness that the Universe resists, and your lack of present joy will make it impossible to attract the goal or the happiness it could bring."
Well okay now!! That was a lot to take in. Urgency and neediness I know will create a self sabotage situation. That I have done and experienced first hand. My goals are long term, losing 100lbs will not happen in the first month of dieting and believe me resistance sometimes is hard. Have I told you that I'm now on the after Bariatric Surgery diet. Bravo to those that have made that a life commitment. So, diet put in place.....goal is one and half years away.....
I have attention neediness!! oh yes its' true, well I made that up, but I think it's still true.  Not sure what to do about that but I did found an article I thought  helpful.
15 things emotionally strong people don't do.
Activities for Surrendering Attachment
2. Change your attitude from desperation to determination. There's a huge energetic difference in these two approaches. take action and move with peaceful resolve. When your specific goal comes to mind, bless it and release it to the Universe, affirming" I choose to live in the energy of a trusting, peaceful heart. As I realise, I attract more."
Moving from one goal to another has been easier for me since I got my 30 day changes board up. It sits behind my computer everyday. Checking things off makes me feel like I'm on track. One of this months goals is to stay off facebook by noon. It's part of that look at me neediness I have. Like me, like me, like me and than comment!!!
Drives me crazy, so this month facebook is limited.
My specific goal is to live a more creative life, not just making artwork, but one that is more peaceful and not stressed.
Look I found another list.....things creative people do!
I will get right on this as soon as I've finished my book, "Pairs", it's about 850 pages so it will take me a little while. Then I will work on being creative. See I surrendered my need to jump in and attach myself to something new,  and I'm waiting for the satisfaction of finishing something else before stating something new. Bravo.
Affirmations for Surrendering Attachment
I live with trust. I know the happiness that I create today will attract more of my desires to me.
It may be that I'm sick, or this day hit a nerve. But, I'm ready for my 28 days to be over!
I do continue with my writing the daily affirmations in my book. I enjoy that. I think life has been magnetic, but I come from a philosophy that says you are the one to make things happen. So I'm in constant networking mode. I belong to too many groups, volunteer to do too much and I'm starting to think I would like to go to things, and not be the one teaching things. I'm soo happy we decided not to open an art studio. But still I'm having classes in my home. So, lots has to change before I surrender to a smaller life.
What's on my list today.
1. Since I didn't get myself up in time to go to yoga, I think I will go swim. Someone told me that to lose weight all had to do was tread water for an hour.
2. Prepare a canvas for art workshop tonight.
3. Reading. the Paris book is huge.....I can only read abut 20-30min before I get antsy to do something else.
Be Inspired,