Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 20, 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 20
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
living in spirit
2014 Transformation of all kinds are happening

"Today I consciously connect with the unlimited power and value of my eternal spirit. I receive guidance, and I listen to may own intuitive voice more and more. "
Here we 20 and all things have let loose!!! First, intuition is magnetic. I think of things and before too long what I have thought come true. This has happened time and time again. Thoughts become things. For the last five years I have been reading and listening to Mike Dooley. If you don't know who he is , I suggest you look him up.
I have always wanted to go on a meditation retreat. Some thirty years ago my brother in-law introduced me to Transcendental Meditation. I have been practising ever since.
Well, just last week I found out about Wanderlust Festivals, yoga and meditation retreat. So, I have signed up for four days. SWEET!!! Love how the Universe works. Moving mountains, people and making a festival for me.....
Sunflower 1 , look up to the sun
"Whether you want to prioritize it or not, your spiritual identity is the greatest source of energetic power in your life. It's your core connection to the love and amazing assistance of the Divine, the well-spring from which all abundance flows. Through this vortex of unlimited energy, you can access all of the wisdom, information, and power that you will ever need."
Yes to all of that. There is something that is called the innate intelligence. It is connected through your brain to your spinal cord. For me right now the brain is the most powerful healer I have going. Working on the physical body for the last 2 years with intense chiropractor manipulations I have moved my one disc back into positions just a little more. While it is not completely there yet, it moved, and I was told it never would. I have started to use binearal beats for everything from nerve repair, sinus infections to being more creative. It has been just one more tool I use to heal myself.
Positive energy is all around us, my intentions are to be open to everything. Learn from everyone, participate fully, encourage and inspire.
Activities for Living in Spirit
this is the one that I connected to
2. Ask for help from the spirit world. When you need guidance, inspiration, or information, take a moment to connect with spirit and ask your question. Notice when and how you get your answers. Keep a notebook and jot down the impressions you get even your dreams may have the answers you seek.
My big guides for help are Arch Angel Raphael and Arch Angel Micheal. Believe me they can handle anything you got.
Affirmations for Living in Spirit
More and more, I am listening to my intuitive voice. Inspiration comes to me in many ways and at unexpected times, bringing all the knowledge, guidance, and information I may need.
So what's cooking for today.
1. cleaning the house, getting ready for my first, Paint n Party party on Saturday.
2. Since I missed yoga this morning, swimming will have to do this afternoon.
3. Prepare new canvas for art workshop tonight.
Be Inspired,