Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Medium is Acrylic

The Little Red Gate, acrylic, Jean Hart

Acrylic Mediums,
I'm often asked what medium do I work in? For me, since I'm a versatile artist and use many different mediums I find I mostly answer by saying I do "Acrylics". 
 Then the person shakes his head and walks on.....
Acrylic paints are fairly new to the art world.
They have been around for about 50 years or so. They are very different from oils and watercolors.
They come in liquid, creams, gels and pastes.
The main reason I like acrylics is that they dry quickly, there is no retarders in them.
If you want the paint to look more like watercolor, thin, simply add a flow to improve the texture.
Of course to if you want the paint to act more like oil, just thicken it with acrylic medium or paste.
I love how you can add texture to make a granular look with pumice gels.
I find that acrylic paints are the most forgiving medium. They too are the most fun paints because of all the things you can add to the paint.
I hope this year you will try acrylic if you have not already. Play with them and have fun creating new peices of artwork.
I have lots of projects for 2015 and most of them will be done in acrylic.
Be Inspired,
I invite you to visit my online store and there you will see many of my artwork done in acrylic paint.