Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Technical Tuesday-butterfly

Technical Tuesday
I feel spring on its way. Our lesson today is to learn how to dram a butterfly
Our instructor is Eileen Sorg
  1. fill in areas of the wings with bright yellow. Stroke over this with a layer of yellow-orange, and then touch this into the right pupil and antenna.
  2. Add red-orange over the yellow-orange. Darken areas of the wings, upper body, right eye, and antennae with reddish brown.
  3. Add the purple and blue areas of the wings with bright purple and bright blue. Add true blue to the left eye and antennae.
  4. Add black to any empty areas, overlapping some colors. Fill in almost all of both eyes with black, and add some black to the right antenna.
  5. Have fun with this, mix up the colors to make all different colored butterfly's.
  6. Be Inspired,
  7. ~Jean