Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Unbroken line

Technical Tuesday
Today's lesson is something I've pulled from a long ago art lesson I learned in junior high school.
Sometimes it's really fun to go back to those early days and return to lessons.
They have a new freedom to them once you get started.
This is called the unbroken line drawing.
  1. With a pen, yes a pen, there is no erasing. Start anywhere on the page you like. But the pen must not lift up at any time.
  2. Be free with this. I have shown a drawing of  a vase and flowers. The idea is that you can take your finger and follow this line throughout the whole painting.
  3. If your happy with your drawing you can then start to color in the spaces.
  4. I love this challenge, it gives me freedom to just create. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I think they look very modern and contemporary.
  6. Have fun with this. Once you start you will see that you can make all sorts of landscapes, still life, even portraits.
  7. Can yoy remember the Etch-A Sketch? It is the same thing. You are working with one unbroken line. You may be surprised to learn that there are master artist who do nothing but draw on Etch-A Sketch's. Inside the case is aluminum powder and the knobs create a stylus. I had one of these as a kid. I spent hours working with it. But truly,  nothing I creating would ever be called a master piece. Just the same it created hours of fun.
  8. Grab a drink and take some time to look at these amazing master pieces of artwork done with a Etch-A Sketch.
  9. Have fun,
  10. Be Inspired,
  11. ~Jean