Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where do the invaluable mental powers of creativity and imagination come from?

How is the imagination involved in experiences of art?
"The world is but a canvas to the imagination."
Henry David Thoreau
Creativity, where does it come from? Creativity is used to come up with new ideas, making it possible for us to connect dots and conception. Does it come from a mystical energy, metaphoric or intellect? Creativity and imagination both are of the same mind. Left brain, right brain, for me working together creates a new body of work. Often just a spark of an idea can take off by expanding through the thought process. I like to ask the questions, "What if...?'  What if I use a different color, size, shape. All of that goes into building  one idea that can change the whole concept of a painting.
Now, once the painting is completed, I find that the "Title" is where the explanation of the painting comes in. I do not like to explain more then the title to people. By saying anything more limits the experience that people are having with the painting.
It's important for people to have their own dialog with the painting.
Today's Challenge is from
"The Artist's Muse"
"Place an assortment of found objects on the surface of your paper. Use, rice, metal rings, keys, spaghetti, and interesting shapes. Spray around these objects with gesso watered down to the consistency of skim milk. Let dry. Use this as the surface for your painting."
Now let your mind wonder and stretch to build up a interesting painting of your own creation using your imagination.
Have fun with this.
Be Inspired,