Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Element Art Exhibit

4Women Art
The Elements
art exhibit
Northeastern Nevada Museum
This is a collaboration of five women artist, Vicky Andrus, Dee Burton, Gay Carrillo, Jean Hart, and Barbara Hofheins. Original music was created by Joseph Carrillo.
Together these talented artists came together to embrace the ELEMENTS.. EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER, AND SPIRIT.
Each artist was given a 34" x 36" canvas. With no other instructions of how to lay the canvas, or what type of medium they could use.  
They started to paint.
The result of months of painting is what you see at the art exhibit.
These artists have been painting together for six years.
As you wonder from one painting to the next you will see different techniques, different mediums, different philosophies.
They have set out to embrace the totality of the Elements.
This is a powerful exhibit, one with great emotion, dramatic color, and a connection to the world around us.
The show will be up
Aug-Oct 2013
Northeastern Nevada Museum
Elko, Nev
4WomenArt would like to take this art exhibit on a road tour.
If anyone would like to show this art exhibit in your area,
 please contact me here.
Please enjoy the artwork, all artwork displayed are for purchase as well as the CD of the music.
Enjoy the video so you can hear Joseph's music

Be Inspired,