Thursday, August 1, 2013

Interview with an Artist

Making of an Artist
2nd interview in this series

Interview with an Artist

Interview with an Artist
Jean Hart

You have a new art exhibit coming up, titled "Elements", can you tell us something about it?

Yes, I'm very excited about this exhibit. I belong to a group of artist who have been painting together for about six years. We named ourselves "4women Art"
This will be are third show we have done at the Northeastern Nevada Museum.
This year, Dee Burton, pick the theme, Element. The elements are our interpretation of
 Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Spirit.
With the exception of all of us using the same size canvas, we were set loose to paint whatever the elements meant to us.
As a group, we painted each week together and encouraged each other with ideas and techniques.
The best part of being a painter with such a group like this, is that we can depend on each other to be honest when we critique each others work. We are still learning and moving forward with our mediums and techniques.  So painting together helps to stretch us as artists.
Can you tell us about one piece of artwork that you worked on?
Well, I love them all. But I think my favorite is my spirit painting.
It was the first one I painted. It was also the painting that has the newest technique I'm learning. Spirit can be such an ethereal subject. Stretching your vision to be able to paint something that usually does not have an image to it can be difficult.
With this new technique I think I was able to go a little farther today with my artwork then I had in the past. So this painting became a leap of faith. I picked the colors that were peaceful to me and then just started to splash around until My Gaia came forth.
The painting title is "Gaia", can you tell us what that means?
I love Greek mythology. Through my studies, Gaia, has come up. Gaia, is the ancient Greek goddess of the earth, mother of Titans.
She is the Mother of the earth, sky, mountains and sea. So, for me to paint a "spirit" painting I felt she was the one who represented "Spirit" best.
Gaia, came onto the canvas pretty much on her own. She presented herself and I just went with it. This painting was not a struggle. It flowed easily I think because of the technique of very thin paint flowing and dripping on the canvas.
This is my favorite simply because I allowed her to reveal herself in the painting, I allowed her to become the divine inspiration for the painting.
The art exhibit is at Northeastern Nevada Museum
Aug.-Oct. 2013
Reception will be
Aug. 23, 6-8PM

 Thank You,
Be Inspired,
Jean Hart