Sunday, August 11, 2013

Making of an Artist..last interview in this series

Jean Hart Artwork
Interview with an Artist
Jean Hart
 This is the last interview for this series.
"Making of an Artist"

Now that my paintings have been delivered to the  Museum for the
 Elements art exhibit.
Aug - Oct 2013
Northeastern Nevada Museum,
Elko, NV
I have been asked a few more questions. So, I will do my best to answer those questions here.
We have talked about what inspires me. Where I get my ideas from. What has attracted me to the style of painting I do.
What's next for Jean Hart Artwork?
Yes, that's the question I'm being asked.
Even before I have had the reception for this newest show!
Well, here it is.
There is a certain, let down, if you will, after the completions of a large body of work.
I've been working on the Element show for the last 8 months.
I thought I would take some time off. ....NO just kidding....
Exhibition are only part of what Jean Hart Artwork does.
I have just refreshed  my card racks with new note cards, key chains, magnets, to keep everything new and exiting.
Over the years I have learned about marketing and advertisement. I would like to expand
 Jean Hart Artworks to be an ART Agency for new and emerging artist.
Jean Hart Artwork, has also taken on a new Photographer, Kerry Hart.
 I will be marketing his photos of amazing landscapes of Nevada.
For me personally as an artist. I will continue to paint each day. Write my blog
on Art History, spot light new emerging artists,
critique artwork on ArtCanyon Art Galley, where I am an administrator.
This Fall I plan on making a new book with my artwork.
I will also be starting a new BOOK Club Blog called,
"Invisible Women" coming this fall.
I invite you to my on line store at zazzle, where I update with my newest artwork.
Stay tuned,
Be Inspired,