Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Shifting Propective

A Room With A View
Shift, yes, maybe it's time to shift your prospective.
Imagine all the possibilities in your day that you may not see if you didn't shift your eyes.
move your head,  balance on one foot, and turn around.
Perspective is a shifty thing. All the lines can be measured perfectly but something may feel off.
Check where are you standing. Do you need to move?
Art is funny that way too, just like life. Sometimes everything seems perfect, a good fit, lines are  straight, and just like that, everything is off balance.
Mindfulness, too is like that. Sometimes you feel like you have all you need, or too much or simply not enough. Yes, too much of a good thing will put you off balance to.
When my routine is disturbed, I get a little off balance.
Sometimes I have even had to do a do over in the morning, only it's later that day. Go back to what I missed in the morning that threw me off.
The crazy thing is that there are no two days the same. Not even if you do the same things each day.
You are not the same person you were yesterday that you are today.
It is truly up to you how you handle shifting.
Be Inspired,