Saturday, August 17, 2013

4womenArt, how it came about

Look we are on the marque!!! 
We are so excited, and getting ready for the reception.
Friday, Aug. 23, 6-8 P.M.
It is open to the public and free.
There will be refreshments, music, fine art, and door prizes.
So many of you have asked me how we came up with our art group name?
It's a wonderful story.
4womenArt is a collaboration of five women artist,
Vicky Andrus,Dee Burton, Gay Carrillo, Jean Hart, and Barbara Hofheins.
Dee Burton, who usually holds a fine art show at the museum with artists from around the state of Nevada, with judge and jury entries, prizes, and a reception, was not able to do it one year.
 Dee asked if we could help keep the fine art show going.
 We were then only four of us:  
 a Wednesday night group called Attitude Adjustment.
 It was there one Wednesday night, painting, talking and probably eating too that we
 formed our art group titled
We are an art group with years of painting experience. Gay alone has been painting for 55 years, Vicky 35, Barbara since she was six.
We share the same ideas about art and art education and giving back to the community.
We saw this as a real opportunity to show our artwork and our commitment to painting new techniques, new ideas, new vision.
We had our first show with Dee's format. Two years later under 4womwnArt we had our second art exhibit, "4 square with Red".
When Dee came back to paint with us, the name 4womwnArt had clicked and people recognized our art group as the 4womenArt.  
We now do shows with only the original five artists.
The "Elements" art exhibit is our third at the Northeastern Nevada Museum.
This year we are featuring Joseph Carrillo, composer. He has created original music for this art exhibit inspired by our artwork.
Be Inspired,