Friday, August 23, 2013

Does anyone still wear apron?

Sarah gave me a wonderful apron for my birthday.....I wear it when ever I cook.
Then it reminded me I've been wanting an apron for a long time.

I'm baking homemade goodies for the reception tonight.
Lemon bars, Brownies, pecan bars...should be good.
Really is there anything more fun then whisking?

I was at a rummage sale last summer and came across a box of old patterns. There in the box with the envelope turning yellow and torn was a pattern for an apron.

I don't think I have worn an apron since I was a kid learning to cook with my mom in the kitchen.

I did have to make an apron once in Home Eco. class. It was my first sewing project as well!! I believe it turned out fine and wore it all through class that year.

Well it was an unexpected find and yes I did buy it and plan on making myself an apron.

I will be wearing it a lot since I have once again taken up cooking.
Thanksgiving is nearing and I will probably bring it out and wear it while making all the festive foods.
Be Inspired,