Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Technical Tuesday Giraffe

Technical Tuesday
I have been asked by a lot of people if I give art lessons.
My answers is, no. I do not give lessons for many reasons. If you have been folllowing me for awhile, then you know my story. If you are new, then I will tell you quickly. I love art, there is now doubt about that. I came to art late in life and have only taken a few classes myself. I read art books, watch videos, go to workshops. My style and technique is wild and unperdictiable. When I find a new book I do all the exercises in it. I am what the art criqutics call "A Outersider" artist. With no real schooling in art or a degree to teach art, I do not feel I am able to give you the best tools to learn correctly.
What I can offer you though is encouragement, enthusiasium for art and an understanding of triumph and failure. These are exercises that I have done. With every exercise you do you will get use to the names of colors, and instructions and techniques.
I once went to the Northeastern Nevada Museum and painting their giraffe they have there.
It's real and it's tall.
I am thinking of going to the museum again and painting another animal this fall.
I hope these Technical Tuesdays are helpful for you.
Be Inspired,
Today we are going to draw a giraffe.
this instruction come from
Eileen Sorg,
1. apply a base layer of dark yellow with yellow ochre fro darker areas. Suggest shadows on and around the with light blue violet. Note the shadow cast by the chin on to the neck. Now use reddish brown for the stem and olive green for the leaves.

2. Apply light umber to further deepen the periwinkle shadows, fill in the spots, and add ridges around the eyes. Brighten the giraffe with mineral orange, filling in more spots and adding more hair along the neck.

3. To finish, fill in the eyes and those bong lashes with black. Use black to darken the nostrils, dark tufts of hair, and other shadows.