Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fourth Season, 2014

Fourth Season of the Year 2014
Winter, Jan 2014
Pretty soon it will be winter and the last season added to this year.
Winter is very short in 2014 starting Dec 21 and ending Dec 31st. But no worries it continues again in Jan.....
Wisdon for Healing cards.
by Caroline Myss
There are 50 lessons in this box and I have not gotten to most of them. Does that mean that my transformation must continue into 2015?
I just want to say here that this year has been amazing. When I went to write my Christmas Letter to the family I just couldn't believe all the things that have happened this year.
My adventures were huge. Leaving home and packing my bags almost every week.
My health has improved and my back is so much stronger.
Of course, there are still some health issues that have to be addressed and fixed. But, really from Jan. to now. Wow!!!
Today's card is
Observe your conversations,
Today's Lesson:
Observe the conversations you engage in today. Are they productive or mean spirited? Are they filed with gossip or stimulation information?
Timely once again. I have been going to a lot of Christmas events and seeing a lot of old friends. The conversations are usually short and quick. But I have one friend who I see regularly and I tell you this is my truth. If all you have is one friend who understands you, laughs at your jokes and helps to guide you through the tough times. That's all you need.
Your Goal Today:
to recognize the quality of information you feed your mind each day.
Love this, I stopped listening to talk radio. Why, well it was just too much whining and complaining for me. Better was the newspaper so I could simply read what news I needed. But, when I stopped watching TV news, suddenly I couldn't keep up with the conversation. I was not in the loop with top stories, and events. So I have to find a balance between, good solid news and just gossip column news.
I have been reading books lately. They take up most of my free time and that seems to be alright for me now. There is nothing I like better then sitting in my chair with a book when the weather is cold outside.
Be Inspired,