Sunday, December 14, 2014

What My Soul Wants Me To Know, Observe Your Attitude

Jean Hart, Artist
What My Soul Wants Me To Know
Wisdom for healing cards,
Caroline Myss
My Card for Today:
Observe Your Attitude.
Oh yes, lets go there. Here is a little story of what has recently happened to me. Recently, I was told that I was ambitious. And not in a good way. As the meal progressed the comments got a little more sarcastic in sound. I could feel that this person was upset with me but I'm not sure why.
Today in meditation this came up. I'm thinking I'm complicated. I try harder then anyone I know to get where I am. On all levels of my life. I'm often heard saying it takes 110%  if you don't want regrets. I'm now thinking, have I not let the people around me have a percent of what's around me? Could it be because my mind never stops well into the night?, and of course it's because my belief is that if you say it out loud you better have some action to go with it.
It's complicated. I ask hard questions from myself and others. I look for answers, I'm a researcher.
My hope is to inspire. If I can think of something to do, so can you.
So, yes lets talk about attitude today.
Today's Lesson:
Determine whether you spend most of your energy in a positive or negative frame of mind. Do you have to remind yourself to be positive, or are you naturally that way?
I hope I stay positive. I get down just like everyone else. I try to keep it up beat and light. 
 I don't say why me, I say why not me? If someone else can do it, why can't I.
Often  my feelings get hurt and have to dig myself out from there.
Generally I'm pretty happy and easy going.
But, if your going to ask me a honest question, I feel your ready for a honest answer.
Just for the record I do not like sarcasm, I don't get it.
Your goal:
become mindful of whether you're unconsciously positive or negative.
Positive or negative. I think it's okay to be both. Not everything goes my way. Some things upset me. Some people upset me. So yes, I travel around my day swinging between both attitudes.
What I'm mindful about is that these are my reactions. I'm mindful that I don't consciously hurt someone feels or unload on someone who is innocent of the event. For me, this is where my journal comes in. By the time I have written it all out. Both, the event ,what was done and said,  how I reacted, and what should be done now.  I find I'm calmed down.....and ready for the next step.
I love these cards. Why do I use them. Because they ask me to think about something I'm not thinking about or something that I need to think about.
How do I choose them. By fate. I close my eyes count out my number for the day and there you go. My message. The card that I need to address.
It always works like that. It's always the card I need.

Be Inspired,