Sunday, December 28, 2014

Good Morning Winter

Good Morning,
We got a little snow for Christmas and the family came for Christmas Dinner.

Merry Christmas from the Hart Family
We have so much to be Grateful for.
Here we are right where we should be.
2014 was such a good year that I'm a little sorry to see it go. But, of course
 you can not stop time and now I am looking forward to 2015.
What are my plans for 2015?
For one thing...doing more artwork.
I have 3 projects I'm working on, I hope to be able to talk about them soon.
My 5K's will still be going. In fact, my very first one will be in St George for my birthday in Jan.
For Christmas I got the most wonderful walking sticks
 along with  a book about all the hiking trails in Elko County.
Soooo you know hiking reports will soon appear.
My New Years list goes something like this.
less TV and more reading
less clutter more space
less junk food and more real foods
less worries and more smiles
and more deep breathing.
of course theirs more ......
I would like to see world peace and harmony
This is my world peace mug,
original artwork by
Jean Hart
What's on your list.
Be Inspired,