Thursday, December 4, 2014

What my soul wants me to know-playfulness

What My Soul Wants Me To Know

Being the change I want see
Soul Coaching
cards by
Denise Linn
Today's Card
Good card. I am so ready to play. I have had a hard time of late. My Dr. appointments didn't go as I was hoping and then the annerisum was unexpected.
But, it's Christmas season and It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house.
This year my calendar is full of Christmas programs, plays, Festivals and I plan on going to every one of them.
I have been doing a lot of crafts this year, which I must say is not that easy and usually turns out looking more like a preschool project then a store bought item. 
However, it's been a good way to get back into my studio and do creative work.

Card meaning: Allow your inner child to play today. Enjoy yourself and have fun! Embrace your innocence.
Oh well this is going to be easy for today. My plans of course are to have fun!!!
After doing the regular chores around the house I plan to finish putting up the dining room decorations.
I have been sending my Mother who is 90 years old little presents and pictures of my family along with a letter, every other day. Yes, this sounds like a lot and believe me when I'm standing in line at the post office, I agree. But the thing that I have been doing is this. She can't really stay in the present now but knows her childhood well. So, I've been reserching what kids did and had in the 1930's. I'm reaching back to her childhood and my gifts are reflecting hopefully something she will remember and once enjoyed.
My biggest find is children story books. Now, I'm not sure if she read these books, but I am and I tell you I'm hooked!! My favorite story I'm reading right now is
"The Cat That Went To Heaven". It's about an artist, a cat and Buddah. What's not to like about it?

Your Soul wants you to know: Playfulness is absolutely necessary for your health and well being it's as important as the food you eat and the thoughts you think. If your responsibilities and hard work have made this a low priority for you, it's time to have some fun.
Here's something I didn't know about me before. Work for me is fun. I like getting dressed and going somewhere. I like seeing people and getting out of the house. But, I will have to find some other way to express time away from work. It's hard because I work in my home.

My joy is the greatest gift that I give to others!

I have figured out what brings me joy and I do it everyday. I am very lucky to be able to share my talents and time each day volunteering.
Be Inspired,