Monday, March 2, 2015

March Art Exhibit Video by Jean Hart

Art Exhibit Video
Jean Hart Artwork
Jean Hart Artist
Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my art blog.
Well, no, it's really more of
An Artists Life Blog.
I was looking through some of my old artwork and exhibits and came across this smilebox video.  
Many of my new friends on google who have just joined me may not have seen this before.
First, I would like to share that when you do your artwork
Smilebox is a really cool way to put it all together.

Later this month  I will have a March still life exhibit.
I am an administrator of ArtCanyonGallery.
Often Gil will put together contests and exhibits for the members from around the world to participate in.
This video is one that I entered.
Please, get comfy, grab a coffee and enjoy the show.
Be Inspired,