Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Donations from artists, yes or no

Today's Question is about donations.
Would you donate a piece of artwork to a charity or event that you could not go to because it is far from where you live?

I get asked to donate my artwork all the time. Most of the time I am the one offering my artwork  to the fundraisers that I support.
Recently, I was asked to donate to a charity in a city I do not live in.

What is your feelings about this?

My true feelings about this is.
Yes, I will donate.
With restrictions. I would first like an official receipt from the charity.
If possible I would like a photo of the artwork in exhibit for bid,
 and I would like to know who won my painting.

I personally think donating my paintings is a great way to let people see my artwork.
Start talking about me as an artist and get my name out there with my business card.
I do take commission, this is a great way for people to see your style of artwork. 

I have a donations coming up in May.
I just got this painting back from the framer and it's already on display at the library. 
I will be attending, so say hi if you see me. 
Friends of the Library
27th Annual 
"Just Desserts" May 2, 2015 

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