Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wishom, dare to create

Rainbow Forrest, Jean Hart
Wisdom for healing cards
Carolyne Myss
Dare to be Creative 
Soul Song, Jean Hart
What's keeping you from creating?
I know I use to say, I don't know what to paint?
I have house work to do?
It's too cold....the list of excuses goes on and on.
Now that I have my studio in my house, and have started
Jean Hart Artwork.
I do not have time to wait for inspiration to come to me.
I must paint each day, or look at artwork, or critique artwork.
I spent most of my day doing just that.
But you simply must begin.
Once you begin, time just fly's by.
You get into a zone and everything just jives.
One idea will develop into another idea and before long you will be saying "I have too many ideas."
Make sure you always have a pad and pencil around you to put down all those interesting ideas.
I have found when I am especially stuck to go to the library and start looking through the art books.
When I was in art class we often went to the books for inspiration. Even if you use it for an exercise the important thing is that you get busy.
Also, I have found reading other artists blogs helpful.
Today's Lesson:
think about all the creative ideas that come to you in one day. How many do you dismiss as trivial or unproductive? Healing requires impractical and daring creativity.
Your Goal: to observe how you respond to your own creative voice, are you receptive or self critical?
Here is something I was told once by a very wise creative person.
Make your art your way. You are not the judge of this work. Your job is to just make it.
Be Inspired,