Thursday, March 12, 2015

What My Soul Wants Me To Know -JOY

What My Soul Wants Me To Know
Falling In Love, acrylic, 4' x 4' by Jean Hart
Soul coaching
Denise Linn
That's the card I picked for today.
I'm never sure exactly what Joy means. Is it being happy or is it more then happiness.
More like a fulfillment and contentment?
What I know right now is 2015 is going by in a breeze!!!
Much too fast and my life list has extended far beyond my plans.
I have just come back from a week of hiking in Zion National Park.
The weather was somewhere between 40-60 each day.
 Zion National Park is one of the most amazing places I have ever been.
We hiked 2-3 trails each day.
The peacefulness I felt standing in the canyons looking at the red rock walls with the clear blue sky,
 I think that was JOY.
Everywhere I went there were stairs. Stairs to get to our room, stairs to get to the restaurant, And even stairs on the trails made of stone.
Two years ago I would not have attempting any of that.
I would have insisted on a ground floor for our room. I would have looked for an elevator to the restaurant, and I definitely would not have gone on a trail with stairs.
MY JOY is that I can do all of that now.

Weeping Wall was our first hike. It was so cold and the upper part of the hike was closed due to falling ice. 
Our hike to Emerald Pools
The whole hike was pretty much stone stairs. But, well worth the effort.
Once you get there you can stand under a waterfall.  
Checker Broad Mesa, this is at the East Ridge of Zion National Park
When we got there the wall was covered with small snowmen. This mornings hike was definitely a walking stick hike for me.
Back to the card for today
"Joy and ecstansy flow through me wildly and freely."
Card meaning: Celebrate and have fun!
Embrace life, yourself, and others. Say yes!
Soar to the clouds and let your doubts dissolve. All is well.
I love this. Yes, I did say yes, and yes it was scaring at times, but so much fun!
Your Soul wants you to know: It's simple: Your purpose in life is to experience joy! That's all that's required of you as a Soul. Whatever your circumstances, there's always something that can bring you delight, and what you put your attention on will grow. When you focus on the areas of your life that bring you joy, these areas will prosper. One of the fastest paths to happiness is through sharing and giving, so give of your heart and share you love. Happiness spreads to others like wildfire and can help heal the world. Dance and sing with abandon:
 Joy is your spiritual birthright.
"Joy and ecstasy flow through me wildly and freely."
Yes, joy is amazing. What I have found is that once I started to release my own set of fears opportunity to experience joy flooded in.
Here is a short drive through the East side of Zion National Park
Be Inspired,