Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Everything About Paris, Catacombs

Everything About Paris
True or False
The catacombs of Paris contain millions of skeletons?
The Parisian catacombs are an elaborate network of old mine shafts that became the final resting place for more than five million peop;e. The bones were first brought to the mines in 1786 because of concern about disease spread by poorly dug graves. Today, visitors can tour the catacombs and see incredibly intricate stacks of bones.
Well my first thought was not to put this on my list of must sees when in Paris.
Old mines and stacked bones just did not interest me. Not until, he said, "incredibly intricate stacks of bones.
So, yes here I go, googling about the catacombs.
I am so glad I watched the YouTube on this.
While I am amazed at the patience it must have taken to stack all the bones into a wall that way. I will probably not go see this in person.
"Warning : The ossuray tour could make a strong impression on children and people of a nervous disposition."
YouTube video
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