Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fall always turns to winter and winter to spring

Jean Hart Artwork
Going from winter into Spring. 
Do you feel that it's hard to move from one season to the next? 
And Winter will turn to Spring.
I usually find that during winter I have painted one or two Snow paintings.

These are the Ruby Mountains in Nevada. This is my view for my home.
But this year I left the cold and went to Zion National Park. Where, it was cold and snowy too!
For the Festival of Trees this year I painted this as my donation.
Each season and month brings with it new opportunities to paint.
Even when you think you just can't do any more snow the season turns to spring and everything is lighter.
I am an artist and I must paint, each and every day.

Cardinals In Snow" Print from
Here are a few cardinals in the snow. I invite you to my online store zazzle.
Be Inspired,