Sunday, March 1, 2015

March is Art Awareness month

Welcome March
March is Art Awareness month,
 which means art lovers everywhere need to share their love for art, or their favorite artist.  
Three Wishes, digital artwork by artist Jean Hart 

March's Aspects
This month was named after Mars, the god of war. In the Julian calendar, this month included New Year's Day, March 25th, when annual leases for homes and farms were signed. The beginning of the new year was moved to January later on, when the Gregorian calendar was instituted.
Full moon aspect: Storm moon
Universal event: Spring fires drying up the floods, materialization of the new year.
Message: To grow, to prosper, to explore
Color: Red, green
Tree: Alder tree or dogwood
Flower: Daffodil, jonquil
Creature: Sea crow, cougar
Gem: Bloodstone, aquamarine
I love horoscopes. I look mine up almost everyday. I'm so surprised when they are so true.
I have found a new site called AstroTwins.
March 2015
Fasten your asteroid belts, stargazers: March is going to be one intense month.
Yep, it's going to roar like a lion as fierce Mars tours fiery Aries until the 31st. This'll make us all quite passionate and even kinda pushy about bringing our big ideas to life. Venus will soften Mars' edge until the 17th, when they travel side-by-side through Aries. Hello, Eros! Their combined powers will cause a pandemic of spring fever. Don’t start picking out china patterns and baby names quite yet, though. We'll be restless romantics for much of March, and many matches will be temporary (but plenty hot).
by AstroTwins.
Because March is Art Awareness month,
 I think I will challenge myself to paint something about March.
Whether it be a creature, a flower and a message in Red.
If you want to join in I would love to see what you create.
Be Inspired,