Monday, May 18, 2015

Everything About Paris

Everything about Paris
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Today's question is from Le Menu
True or False
The rich Parisian diet makes for a population with high incidence of heart disease.


Despite their high cholesterol diet, only seven percent of French adults are considered obese (compared with 22 percent of Americans), and the mortality rate from heart disease is significantly lower in France. Some attribute this to the smaller portions in France or to the everyday consumption of red wine (a phenomenon that's know in the wine world as the "French Paradox").

Wonderful, I love red wine. I would surely have thought that it might have been different considering that France makes over 300 cheeses. 
I have read a little more about their diets and their attitudes towards food. In France no one every eats the big potions we are severed in America. They're portions are much smaller. 
Here is a site with American vs French diet.
I found them to be interesting.
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