Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's gonna get messy around here

Jean Hart Artwork*
It's gonna get a little messy in here.
I have a new commission....
It's been awhile since I have taken on a commission.
The last three years have been a little intense with working on my back injury.
But, I'm feeling great and I'm ready for the challenge.
It will be a combinations of three pictures to celebrate life.
Commissions are tricky.
First, the person who wants a painting has to really be sure they know your style.
I have a pretty bold palette and if they don't understand that, they will not like the painting.
Second, the person who brings you a commission already has the painting worked out in their own mind.
That's gonna be tough, because as an artist I will be working on the composition and placement of objects.
They may not like the painting. 
Third, Yeegads!!! They may want to see the progress of the painting. 
They will feel they are entitled to help create the masterpiece and give suggestions.
Be Kind.
Fourth, The size and price. Be specific about what size the painting will be, the medium, and price. 
Also, try to do it in a timely manner. 
None of this , fine art takes time.....
Remember, they are excited to see the masterpiece . 
As an artist doing commissions make me nervous. 
I never use to take them on. I just couldn't handle the stress.
But, now the rules is to say YES!!! 
Even if you think, oh boy, I've never done this before.
It's part of your artistic growth. 
Off I go to the studio. 
Bon Le Vie,
Be Inspired,
P.S. please feed my fish, they get so hungry when I work.