Sunday, May 17, 2015

Live with intention

One of my favorite things to do is write. 
I love going to the mail box and getting hand written letters.
I can remember when I first moved away from home. 
I would look forward to the end of the day by going to check on the mail. 
This of course was a time before emails and texting. 
When I started to paint and learned how to use my computer I had a template to make greeting cards from my artwork. This is how I first started my art business. 
Selling cards of my artwork at art fairs. 
Later, I learned how to set up an online store to sell not only cards but all kinds of merchandise using my images. 
Since, I love paper, my goal was to set up a stationary store.
But, these days with e-mails, texting, and unlimited phone use, hardly anyone writes letters.
I think we have lost a bit of the intimacy that comes from communicating through the written word.
For that reason, I have joined a pen pal group that writes encouraging letters to strangers who just need to hold on to positive words of inspiration. 
I do this once a week. 
I send out handwritten notes because I love to share quotes, poems, or haiku's I have written that may inspire someone. Plus, I love to have the person return my thoughts with their own words of encouragement.
 It makes me feel like I have really connected with someone from far away. 
We share our lives, cultures, recipes, and it somehow makes my life a little lighter.
Paper is a big industry, and you can find fun writing paper at your local craft store or you can find fun cards at grocery stores. 
You can check out my greeting cards and postage stamps at my 
Jean Hart Artwork store*

I also sell envelope seals. 
but these you have to order directly from me. 
 Be Inspired,