Sunday, May 17, 2015

Secret people in your life

Monday's Question
My Girls, the angels in my life, Jean Hart 

Who are the secret people in your life?

The people in my life come from many places. 

I find it interesting that once when I felt so alone and stayed to myself or so I thought , I actually had people thinking about me. 
Just by accident I was shopping at a tiny coffee shop, I almost never go to, a very old acquaintance came up to me, really someone I have not seen in years and would not necessarily call a friend. Said " I have been thinking about you." She then gave me information about something I had been thinking of doing for years. 
It is the universe workings its wonders on me again!
I took her advise and applied for the job, and got it. 
Without any way of telling her or thanking her, like I said we were not close. She changed the direction of my life. And I have not seen her AGAIN!! 
. Be Inspired,