Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Here it is! My new meditation cushion. 
Well, when I bid on it, it was described as a lap pillow.
But, it's all in the eyes of the beholder. 

I have been meditating for about 38 years now. 
I use to worry whether I was doing it right. Sitting in class, being very still, eyes closed, then one eye would open and start looking know what I'm talking about. 
Next, came the fidgeting, the scratching.....then the none stop chatter in my head.
The to do list, the meal planning, the preparing, the book I should read.....
I use to think, I should be on a cleanse now, eat more organic foods....grow a garden...go without make-up, stop dying my hair, wear Birkenstock, only listen to chanting music. !!!!!
I'm here to say no. 
You can meditate, eat cleanly, do good works for the world and still drink champagne.

You do not have to choose between being a spirited person or enjoying some of your favorite treats.
I believe you can do both.
Why do I meditate?
First, it really is a grounding tool. It's a little time set aside just for me.
It's only 20 mins. after that your just daydreaming.
Go to your yoga mat and breathe. There are days that that's all I can manage.
I sit on my mat and do pranayama breathing. 
It's not how much you, meditating, deep breathing, yoga, it's the effort you put into it. 
You must do it for you. 
I think you can be  spiritually grounded with a good healthy routine and still live a rich life of your choosing.
I am once again on my mat, and starting my new USANA program and exercising.
So, do I drink champagne after a work out?
What do you think? 
Be Inspired,