Monday, May 25, 2015

I love lipstick.....

"Don't hold back. Be bold. It encourages others to do the same." Francois Nars

I love lipstick.
I think if I was told I could only bring one make up item, it would be lipstick.
It makes your smile sparkle.
It's just so fun.
There are so many to choose you can see, I just can't choose just one.
It's impossible!
You will never guess what I found. 
Art painted with lipstick.
I can't tell you how many questions this brings up.
But, don't be so serious, have some fun.
It's only lipstick!
Sarah Britten has many paintings using lipstick as her medium.
Take some time to cruise around her site.
I think she will amaze you. 

This is fun:

Here's a lipstick song 
I hate your lipstick 

Show me your lipstick paintings.
I think am going try one.....I show it to you later.
Here is my painting,

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Be Inspired,