Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My movie pick for today is: The Master of Light-Johannes Vermeer

Jean Hart Artwork*

It's a cold and rainy day here today. The kind that makes you want to cuddle up to your angora sweater and watch old movies. 
I just heard that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are making a Zoolander sequel.
I can not wait for that to come out, seriously I have to wait until 2016. 
My movie pick for today is: 
Art history and appreciation venue. 


You can watch it for free on YouTube 

Johannes Vermeer is one of my favorite painters. 
As a final for my art class I drew in pastel Vermeer's " Women with a Pearl Earring. "
I found it interesting that they said in the movie that he left no records of his life, no notes on his paintings,
 no dairies, nothing.  
Just his amazing works of art. 
Here is my rendition of The Women with a Pearl Earring. 
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